Knitting at Work

Sorry I missed a couple days there, the real job took up some unexpected hours but today I’m back and knitwork01bready to go.  Well actually I was at my real job but today was one of those days that I could bring my hobby job around to the real one.  I got to spend the day at the Starbucks facility in York with 37 high school sophomores and juniors and yes they got free coffee all day.  One of the guys mentioned he was feeling very excited at the end of the day, just in time to send them home to their parents.  The students spent the day with a variety of presenters learning about leadership in businesses and economics.  Most of my work is in the days leading up to the presentation days so I was there to help things go smoothly and point people to where they needed to be.  This means I could bring some yarn along.

When I worked at the newspaper I would always have a project in the car in case there was wait time, there was always wait time.  Now that I think about it most of the jobs I have been fortunate to have allowed for knitwork01csome knitting time. Huh I hadn’t really thought about it, cool.  I enjoy bringing new project to each sessions with the kids they are keeping track of what I’m working on.  Don’t worry I’m not slacking on my responsibilities to spend time with the yarn, I only do it on down time or during a presenter, I can listen and knit, it is better than doodling.

What about you do you have the chance to knit at work? or on breaks? What projects have you found are the best for short spurts and out of the way storage?


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