Super Long and Fingerless

Today I didn’t do much knitting but I have a good excuse! I spent the day holding my good friends new born baby so she could have a break and spend some time with her other two lovely girls.  It was a well worth putting aside the knitting.  Since I don’t have much to show I thought I would share with you a new item I finished recently.

glove01bI give you Super Long Fingerless Gloves. 


I began knitting while we were house/dog sitting for family that were on vacation down in Saint Thomas, which I think led to the color choice.  I am ready for spring, my color choices lately have been from a much brighter color family.  I did both gloves at the same time from the same ball so that when I was done the colors at the fingers blended together making a continuous rainbow.


Please excuse the Seahawk fingernails if are not fans we are here so they are staying.  I love that they are extra long at the fingers so that they keep you warm while driving or what not and that you can fold back the cuff when you need more access for your fingers.

And if you are interested in them you can find ’em HERE.



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