Still on the Sticks

To play with the “s” theme of the title on Saturdays I’m going to share with all of you the projects I still have in the works, aka on the sticks.  This week I have tons.  So here we go…

WIP02bTechnically this first one isn’t a knitting project but an important project none the less, I cleaned of the coffee table! My husband is going to be so happy when he gets home.  I should have taken a before photo but just wait a week or two and I’m sure it will be back in that “full” condition.

WIP02aThis shawl has been stuck on the needles for months, I started it at the beginning of the summer 2013.  It is a pattern from the 1860s and I was carrying it around to all the Civil War reenactments that I went to.  I need to get back to it and have completely forgotten where I am in the pattern.  Hopefully I was smart and marked my last row on the printed pattern, fingers crossed.

WIP02eThis Hat has been traveling around with me for a couple weeks, I carry it in my bag working a row here and there whenever I find myself waiting.  I love the pattern It is super easy to remember and is a little more interesting than your basic ribbed hat.  Row 1: knit, Row 2: k1p1, repeat.


I bought this yarn when I was out visiting my parents in Forks, Washington back in October and started it hanging out with my mom.  A few weeks later I needed the needles for another project with a deadline and swapped them out and haven’t made my way back.  I do remember the original needles, although I should start to write this stuff down somewhere.

What projects do you have hanging around?


3 thoughts on “Still on the Sticks

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  2. I’m an excellent procrastinator. If I didn’t finish a project and started something else I would NEVER get it finished. Consequently, I finish what I start.

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