I woke up today with all the intention of being productive and getting some knit on.  Well it was short lived.  After a quick run to the post office to send of a pair of gloves, I was distracted by the book store and the knitting book section where I found many selections for my wish list.  I ended up leaving my motivation on one of those shelves and headed home without it.  I really did try to work on some orders but just couldn’t get through a row without loosing all inspiration.  I was lost and wandering.

olym01bI then realized that I haven’t worked on anything for myself lately.  And then wham! I was inspired! I have some wonderfully soft Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash that I was saving for something.  And I found it.  I am working through a pattern for an infinity scarf that has a basket weave pattern to it.  I am working through the stitch combinations to try and find one that really looks like it is woven.  I’ve used a basket weave pattern in the past but it challenged my faith in the pattern.

Have you even dealt with this?  Starting a pattern not really knowing if it will turn out like the one in the photo?  It really is about trust and hoping that the person who wrote the pattern really knew what they were talking about.  I have a hard time with it especially if you can’t see the pattern come together at first.  I usually try and take things over and make it look like I think it should.  Surprisingly it doesn’t work and I frog the project and really follow the pattern.  I don’t know why I keep doing it, you think I would learn?  I’m taking it that I should write my own patterns, we shall see.  What this means that this infinity scarf might end up looking like a sampler but since it is for me and going to be super soft, I don’t care.  Who knows it might end up looking randomly fantastic.

Tonight is the first night of the Olympics even though the Opening Ceremonies are tomorrow, so I have olym01dtaken over the living room television, the big one.  I really enjoy the Winter Olympics, there are so many more opportunities for wipe outs.  Also I’m checking out all the knit gear the athletes are wearing, there are some goodies out there.  I really like the gloves that have the Olympic colors for the fingers, have you all spotted any that stand out as favorites?  Well the figure skating is on and my husband has retreated to the other t.v. until something more dangerous comes on.  Although a sport that has a “death spiral” should get some credit for being exciting.

Ok back to the bookstore visit. I was walking around looking at all the books that I wanted to add to my collection thinking there have got to be so many more knitting books out there.  I know I can buy them online, but I really like to look through a book before buying it, especially a pattern book.  olym01cThere are so many things to take into consideration.  Photos, font, organization, clarity, feel, ect, yeah, yeah I know I’m a bit strange about it.  I found one that I’m really interested in Knit to Flatter by Amy Herzog. It was well organized and included skills rather than just patterns, which I love.  I feel like I’m getting more out of it when I get to learn a skill rather than just a pattern.  I was wondering what books are your favorite, what are the books you can’t live without?  What book should any knitting have in their collection.


2 thoughts on “Motivation?

  1. I will look for that book! I know to very basic knit. Would love to do more. I have started to crochet again and am enjoying it during this cold winter!

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