Ice Grey

grey01c After six years of living in Pennsylvania I am getting my first real winter according to my husband.  We are stuck in the house today again, he drove to work to find the power out because of the ice covering everything and trees shedding their heavy branches on every thing including cars outside grey01dour apartment (Not ours we moved them away from the trees).  I really enjoy this weather, I know I’m crazy, but I don’t need to drive in it. I get to stay home and do my work.  I completely understand the frustration of those who do have to go out and deal with it, I use to be there.  It use to be that on days with damaging weather I would be required to go out and take pictures of it and of people dealing with it.  I do not miss those days at the newspaper.

On to the knitting, which honestly is the best part of any day.  Today I am working on some slouchy/beret hats for Heidi in Washington State.  She has been a family friend for years and contacted me with a request to replace her quickly deteriorating current hat.  She lives in the middle of the Pacific Northwest and like many people out there like earthly dark colors, I checked my stash and what do you know I had some.  I am from the PNW.

I’m going to try out some new patterns with these hats starting with Shannon’s Slouchy Hat. I’ve chosen a great grey yarn that I’m almost sure is a superwash wool but didn’t keep the tag with the yarn so I’ll tell her grey01bto hand wash.  The pattern is a quick one, and nothing complicated, knit and pearls throughout and if you mess up the count it doesn’t really matter since it is meant to look random.  Always a good thing.  I guess I should get knitting before I get volunteered to go clean the ice off our cars.  Knitting is much more fun…and warm.





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