Snowed In

snowday01eSo snow has been falling for hours and it is still coming down strong. Which means that my husband is home from work and our friend Amber has come to visit and probably spend the night since no one can get out of our parking lot now.  The layer of ice under the snow is making it interesting for the crazy people trying to make it out of our parking lot.  I hear a lot of spinning out there.

With Zach home he now wants to clean and organize, not my plans for the day.  I don’t blame him we got home yesterday from a week and a half of snowday01chouse/dog sitting and it looks like a bomb went off in our living room.  We have put away the Christmas tree and decorations finally so I feel that is enough to move on to knitting on my part. The other two have decided to watch TV instead of clean, now I don’t feel so bad about knitting all day and not being productive around the house.

I am have a pair of baby booties that I have been needing to start here for a snowday01along time.  A good friend, Nancy, has been very patient and I should get them to her before her grandbaby becomes a toddler.  I did a pair of pink sparkly ones for her a couple weeks ago and now on to the Navy Blue ones.  They are a quick snowday01bproject but I always put off finishing them, something about sewing in the white stripes that I just procrastinate.  I went through some boxes today and found these green ones that just need the stripes.  I have no idea how long they have been in the box, I added them to my list.  I guess I snowday01dcould also come up with a different pattern for booties that don’t require sewing of stripes, that would make sense I guess?

What are some projects that you do that get close to done but that the last step is hardest for you to do?


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