Noooo Not a Day Without Knitting!

Today has already been a busy day and I haven’t even picked up my knitting yet!  I went into my real job today for the morning to get ready for a upcoming session with the Future Leaders of York.  We are taking 37 high school students to the Starbucks factory, with taste test included, I don’t foresee anything getting out of control.  They are a good group of kids so as long as they remember their IDs we should be ok.

I then headed home fully with the intent of putting a load of laundry in, putting a movie on and getting down to knitting.  But then…I get a call from a guy I reenact with who was recently put in charge of the website. (Which I might have something to do with, or not, I’m not admitting to anything.)  Well he had some questions and I somehow got wrangled into going through 500 photos and organizing them, updating the calendar and providing content.  That’s what I get for opening my mouth.



P.S. You have until Saturday at Midnight for the Beanie Giveaway!


2 thoughts on “Noooo Not a Day Without Knitting!

  1. Did someone say Starbucks? My coffee sense are tingling.

    Seriously though, I feel you on the no time for knitting. I have all these designs I need to knit, but every time I turn around something requires my attention.

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