Dealing and Wheeling


I was off to rescue a friend today, really I was picking her up from work, almost the same thing.  Well I arrived a few minutes early and as always I had some knitting with me.  Well while I was sitting there in the parking lot waiting and knitting I was also listening to Radiolab on NPR.  They were talking about the deals we make with ourselves to get things done.  The first couple were about the extreme deals people would make to quit smoking, and the worked.

This got me thinking about the deals I make with myself to get projects done.  When I was at college I would give myself 20 minutes of sleep/nap for every hour of writing during all nighters,  I have given up those long nights and I have moved on to buying a gyro when I finish a big project.   Now there are those large rewards we give ourselves but what about the small daily deals we make.  I’ll be honest there are some mornings that require some dealing and wheeling for me to get out of the nice warm bed.  I’m thinking of how I can apply this to goals I have made for the year.

What deals have you made with yourself?  Did it work?  What ways do you get yourself or others around you motivated?

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