Knitting Every Where?

Today was a Saturday full of activities and only limited knitting.  But I always tend to have a knitting project with me so I’m usually covered when I run around town or to different activities.  Today I forgot to grab something for my bag when I left to go to a church breakfast but luckily I’m as forgetful as my husband says I am.

I grab a jacket that I haven’t worn for awhile, it was really cold today, and when I was getting out of the car I noticed that it was a little bulkier than normal.  I reached in my pocket and what did I find but this hat that I had completely forgot about!


It is one of those patterns that you can do with your eyes closed.  Knit a row then K1P1 for a row and repeat until it is as long as you want.  I have actually knit this with my eyes closed, my nieces dared me to and I have to say it was fun to show off to them a bit.  The eight-year-old kept trying to do it with her eyes closed and there was no telling her to master the eyes open first.

I just wonder what other projects that I have stashed in “safe” places?  Where was the strangest place you found your yarn?


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