And Now for Somethings Completely Different

Today I mailed off the last of the Doctor Who scarves, thank goodness.  And finding myself free to work on other stuff found that I had forgotten how to do anything else.  Not really, almost.

I have pulled out every thing I’ve worked on today at least once, frogging it is the technical term.  I did get things accomplished finally so here we go.

Last night I started the crown for a birthday girl celebrating her first, it is a nice quick item to knit up and somehow I found a way to mess it up, luckily it is a 45 min. project so not much to make up.


Then I moved on to this lovely ear warmer that I talked about yesterday I have pulled it out twice but have completed it and in the middle of blocking it.  I really love how it turned out I hope that she loves it.


I’m currently in the middle of starting over on these baby booties.  The are for a newborn and while I have been informed that she is full term and growing fast I don’t thing she will grown into this pair until she is two.  So I’m starting over with smaller needles.


  I really do love working on smaller projects, knitting them up fast really makes me feel like my day has been productive.  Tomorrow will be less so we are house/dog sitting for my hubby’s aunt and uncle while they are in Saint John, those bums.  I don’t know how much I will get done in the transfer but there will be knitting and a new character to introduce who loves yarn almost as much as me.

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